“When The Dust Settles” – Director: Milad Alami

WHEN THE DUST SETTLES. -10 episode standalone miniseries
Director: Milad Alami
Producer: Stinna Lassen / Denmarks Radio

A lot of commitment, trust and love went into this, especially from powerhouse director (and master of zen) @miladalami ,
but really everyone engaged and applied themselves in a way that made me grateful every day.

During testing, we shot some 35mm with the lead actress (on the real locations). This was subsequently bleach bypassed, transferred, and from those dailies a shooting LUT was created. (The top 2 screenshots are from the 35mm material).
The narrow range of this LUT pushed us everyday into a very high degree of commitment, because blacks were deep and unforgiving, highlights and grain reacting super quick, but the result was inspiring and gorgeous and a major change from shooting with the usual safe mode of the wide Alexa latitude.
Alexa mini with kowa anamorphics and a custom made swing diopter.