“Music” Director : Sia – Golden Globe nominated 2021 (and Razzie Winner ;-)

Director: Sia
Producer Vincent Landay
Cast: Kate Hudson, Maddie Ziegler, Leslie Odom Jr, Juliette Lewis, Hector Elizondo

This incredible project brought me together once more with creative fountain Sia Furler as well as choreographer Ryan Huffington. Part drama, part musical the creative license was very wide and super playful.
Big shout out of gratitude and love to the faithful LA crew; steadicam operator extraordinaire Ari Robbens, 1AC Dominic Aluisi, Key Grip Derrick Armand, Gaffer Tony Varula & DIT wizzard Mark Wilenkin !

Shot during one hot summer in LA, on Alexa Mini, Kowa anamorphics & K35 sphericals.

Set for release 2021