U2 Joshua Tree Tour – Director Anton Corbijn

The visual backbone of U2’s anniversary Joshua Tree Tour 2018/19 was supposed to be a narrative of films, one for each song, with a strong political comment to the discussions of the american border wall. For a week, we travelled northern california, to capture vistas and elements of the iconic locations that had been immortalised by the band and Anton Corbijn for the Joshua Tree album; Zabriskie Point, Joshua Tree, etc.
The stage design on the Tour was simple but massive; The band, set against a 200ft wide background LED screen with more than 7K resolution and a custom widescreen ratio of 1:4,5. That was our canvas, an intimidating degree of clarity and exposure to every detail in the frame.

Director: Anton Corbijn
Producer: Saul Germaine / Serial Pictures
Arri Alexa65